Team TAC 30 in 30 FAQs


What is 30 in 30?
It’s a celebration of a massive 30 years of Trawden AC. The aim is to get as many people as possible from the club running and racing their way to 30 events over the course of the next 12 months. There are several ways you can get involved - keep reading for more details.

How do I take part?
Just enter yourself into events over the year. Keep a tally of events that count towards your 30 in 30 and then submit your results at the end of the year for a special prize and a real sense of achievement.

What are the dates?
The qualifying period is from 1st February 2023 to 31st January 2024.

What are the awards?
There are three levels: Bronze – 10 races, Silver – 20 races, Gold – 30 races

Are there any other awards?
Keep your eyes peeled there may be announcements throughout the year for some special competitions, events, or challenges.

But are there any prizes?
Yes of course but they are so special they are being kept under wraps at the moment.

Do I do it on my own or in a team?
Either. If you don’t think you can get to 30 events on your own maybe you want to partner up with friends into a team of 2 or 3. Between you the team needs to get to 30 events to qualify for the top prize.

Do team members have to do an equal number of events?
No, so long as you hit the magic 30 between you over the year you will qualify.

How do I find team members to link with?
We could start TAC Tinder but usually a shout out on Facebook will attract a mate or two. It could be a good way of making new friends.

Can a team be a mix of juniors and seniors?
Yes, and all the rules still apply.

Who keeps track of my runs?
YOU! Whilst someone might be keeping a weather eye on events and collating results, we don’t have spies everywhere. We have produced a neat little sheet where you can log your evidence and submit your record of achievement at the end of the year. Just fill that in and submit it to

What runs count towards my total?
The big question...what counts?
> Any organised race. Fell, trail, road, cross country…
> Relay events when running for TAC
> Up to 10 different Park Runs – so have a look at the Park Run website and see where you could get to on a Saturday morning. You can only count each Park Run once. So, once you have done Burnley for example, if you want to get more points on your 30 in 30 you have to go and explore other places.
> Orienteering events including Street O.
> Triathlon or Duathlon so long as you do the running bit. Triathlon where you only do the cycling or the wet bit doesn't.
> Virtual races don't count either.
> Volunteering for TAC races i.e., Winter series, Bowley Hill, Trawden 7, Boulsworth Fell race. Volunteering at other events doesn't.

Do the events have to be running events?
Yes and no. LDWA for example organise events that accept both runners and walkers and let’s face it on the longer events we do spend a good amount of time walking or standing eating cake at checkpoints! So yes, so long as you are entering the running section of the events, they count.

Can events be outside the area?
Oh yes. Who can get to do the most exotic or obscure races?

Do I have to wear my TAC vest?
It would be great if you did but it’s not always possible; buffs or t shirts would do. Remember though some races specify that you need to display your ‘go faster’ stripes such as cross country or some relays.

Can I have a fancy sheet to keep track of my runs?
Yep, there will be a Record of Achievement put on the facebook page so you can keep track of your qualifying events and you can then submit it at the end of the year or sooner if you are really keen. Mentioning no names!

Thanks for answering all these questions but I just wanted to ask another. How can I do that?
Just drop me a line on and we can add it to the FAQS.

Do I have to enjoy it?
Absolutely YES. That’s what it’s all about.

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