Joining Trawden Athletic Club

Join Trawden AC and you'll be part of more than just a fantastic team, you'll become a well-supported and valued member of the Team TAC family!

Our strong team spirit, friendliness and all-inclusive ethos are legendary! So if you sign up you'll immediately benefit from a wealth of knowledge, advice, experience and support from our wide range of members. Whether you would like to build your fitness and get motivated by running with others, or really push on through a programme of intensive training, you can be certain Trawden AC will provide exactly what you need.

Our members range from people new to running perhaps looking to complete their first race, to highly experienced ultra-marathoners; athletes who regularly feature at the top end of 10Ks, to those happy to just enjoy the experience of running or competing. There are bound to be people in the club who are similar to you and could make ideal running partners. In any case, everyone in Team TAC whatever their ability is happy to help and go that extra mile to make you feel welcome.

NOTE: There is a grace period for those joining between 1st January and 1st April. In this case your membership would not need renewing until April the following year. Therefore in real terms your initial period of membership could be as little as just over three months (joining in December) or almost 15 months (joining in early January).

1st Claim Senior

£40 — SIGN UP

Subsquent renewal £30 per year

Open to anyone aged 18 or over. Includes a FREE club vest and registration with England Athletics allowing you to race for the club as an affiliated member and receive discounts on UK Athletics organised events.

NOTE: If you're aleady a member of another EA affiliated club, you will also need to follow the Changing First Claim Clubs process.

2nd Claim Senior

£12 — SIGN UP

Subsquent renewal £12 per year

Open to anyone aged 18 or over. For people who wish to remain first claim members of another EA-affiliated club but would like to take part in closed club races or team events in which their first claim club does not participate (if allowed by the event organiser).

Associate Member

£12 — SIGN UP

Subsquent renewal £12 per year

Open to anyone who does not want to compete for the club but would like to attend training or social events, help with marshaling, volunteering or to just lend support.

Young Junior Member

£6 — SIGN UP

Subsquent renewal £6 per year

Open to anyone aged 4 to 10 (children must be at least 6 years old to attend junior training or take part in most races). England Athletics registration is compulsory for children aged 11+ (see EA Registered Junior membership).

EA Registered Junior

£25 — SIGN UP

Subsquent renewal £25 per year

Open to anyone aged 11-17 and includes England Athletics registration (compulsory for children aged 11+) which allows you to receive discounts on entry to UK Athletics organised races and events (find out more about EA registration here).

Membership Benefits

We continually strive to keep our membership costs as low as possible and they remain some of the lowest of clubs in the local area, yet there's a wealth of great benefits that come with being a valued member of Team TAC...

  • Access to a wide range of led or coached training sessions throughout the week
  • A great opportunity to meet up with like-minded runners and make friends for life
  • Support from the wider membership for any kind of running, racing and fitness questions or issues
  • Access to club-only races such as the Winter Series and other events during the year
  • 10% discount at plus free standard postage (on orders over £50)
  • Access to OS Maps online and mobile mapping services
  • Discounted Activo membership for all Pendle Leisure and Burnley Leisure facilities
  • Access to the members' only club Facebook group and Strava club
  • Discounted entry to hundreds of races across the local area and nationwide (for EA registered members)
  • Various online discounts and offers through England Athletics (for EA registered members)

Other Information

Elsewhere on the site we have details of our weekly senior and junior training sessions, a calendar of forthcoming races, an extensive back catalogue of results (including the best TAC men's and ladies' times for each event), and contact details for club officers.

We also have a very active social media presence with our public Facebook page , Twitter , Instagram and member's only Facebook group .

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Membership Secretary and we'll look forward to welcoming you to Trawden AC!

Contact Us

If you have a general enquiry please get in touch using the form below — choose the most relevant enquiry type so we can help you more quickly.

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Membership Benefits