Trawden AC 30 in 30 challenge


Greetings fellow TAC'ers (junior and senior). This year Trawden AC turns 30...that's right, 30 years of members flying the striped flag across the county, the country and the world!

So how do we mark the occasion? Obviously, we want to include as many people as possible throughout the year together with both club members and our friends from the wider running community. With that in mind we will be having a 30th birthday themed Trawden 7 race in July, which will be our main 'involve everyone' focus.

"But what about us?" I hear you cry! Well, with the year being all about '30' we have put together some ideas we think you'll love to get on board with 30 in 30.

This is our flagship commemorative event - we will be encouraging you to complete 30 events in our 30th year (1st Feb 2023 to 31st January 2024). Wowzer, I hear you mutter! Panic not, we aren't all John McDonald, so we have some options for you!

Firstly, the rules...

Individuals - 30 events in the 12 months
· You can only do each event once to count
· parkruns count up to a maximum of 10 but they have to be different ones (e.g. doing Pendle parkrun 25 times this year only counts as one event, doing Pendle 20 times and Burnley four will get you two events)

Complete 10 events for a bronze prize
Complete 20 events for a silver prize
Complete 30 events for the coveted gold prize

Team Option (2 or 3 people)
Now then, if like me you manage to get out to some events with a couple of running buddies you might want to team up for the year instead.
· So teams of two or three aim to complete 30 events throughout the year.
· parkruns are NOT included in the team event but if 3 of you run the same event that counts three times (e.g. Paula, Adrian and I running the Haworth Hobble)
· I might then run a couple of races in the Lakes, Adrian runs the Yorkshireman and Paula completes the Trog - we would then bank another four events
· You can enter either the individual or the team event
· Get to 30 races between all of you over the year and you will qualify for a prize!

Are you all still with me? Just a couple of top tips...

Make sure you let race organisers know you are running for TAC when you enter and ensure you are registered as being a TAC member with parkrun. We will be monitoring the results through our monthly round-ups but you need to keep a list too so that at the end of January 2024 we can verify and the results, with prizes to be awarded at next year's presentation evening.

There will of course be other things we will post about through the year and some 30 related spot prizes! There will be a 30km month for juniors and a dirty double(!) for seniors, 30km step challenges and much more.

So get yourselves ready for some 30 fun, and if you find yourself with a cracking idea, let Chell or myself know and we'll see if we can make it happen.

If you think you deserve a spot prize let us know and you'll be in the have to be in it to win it people!

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