Mother's Day at Rivington

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This was going to be my toughest race to date only my second half marathon, but if you are going to pick one why not chose one of the toughest in the UK, the Rivington Pike Half Marathon?!

All was going to plan, training, prep, carb-loading, however this became somewhat muted due to a global pandemic the likes of never seen in my lifetime.

This not naturally gifted mum of two was suddenly faced with not completing her challenge at all but her run buddy and herself decided it was on the cards when a virtual option came up. We downloaded and studied the map, my run buddy was in charge of navigation, he did a superb job. The terrain was certainly tough and surprisingly more road than I had anticipated.

I lost my Mum last year to cancer and this being Mother's Day made it all the more poignant - I was doing this for her but mainly to prove to myself I could do it.

The sun was shining and made the route all that bit tougher. We did see others but kept our distance. Some grassy terrain and stony paths across the moorland including stepping stone-type path that met the path which would take us up to the Pike.

It was surprisingly busy despite government advice. I made it up to the Pike, took a short breather, placed a photo of my mum and her favourite poem up there, then tackled the decent. Knowing there was an uphill shortly after I wanted to stop so badly but my friend Jon insisted this was my day, focus on whatever will keep you going, so it was my mum and those weeks that were tough.

I looked around, the sun was shining, I could do this! No shouts of "well done", no marshalls, just me and my buddy. I took a tumble but got straight back up, no time to linger.

I did it - elation! - in 2 hours 30 mins. Not impressive to some but race lines not race times. That was for all the mums unable to visit their mums on this strangest of Mother's Days.

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