Wallace & Gromit who? Exactly!


Could not have asked for a better day to run with bright sunshine, no harsh head wind just a nice light breeze, and not too cold either.

We had a 10am start from the main road after a walk up the from Accrington Cricket Club.

Countdow...3...2...1...and we were off up a nice long straight road to begin with before a sharp turn left at the pub to the start of a two mile decent to the bottom and passed yet another pub.

Feathers McGraw (aka Paul Brown) had long since passed me on the decent but I did try to keep him in my sights for the two-mile gradual slog to the traffic lights.

I did close the gap on Feathers on the climb up but just could not get close enough
to let him know I was there and at five miles he started to pull away from me.

Left at the lights for the last mile and a short dash downhill to cross the finish line.
Great tech t-shirt for finishing and a great one lap course to run.

Feathers was waiting at the finish with a cup of orange squash for me. Must train harder
for the next race and hopefully give him a run for his money, let him feel the warmth of Galloping Gromit's breath on the back of his neck!

Well done Paul, great run and time to boot, and well done to all the other TAC team I'm still getting to know as I go along.

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