Trawden Athletic Club Awards 2016


Well the dust has settled, the party frocks are back in the wardrobe, and we've had a day or two to recover. I'm sure all those who came along to the TAC Awards on Saturday night will agree it was a fabulous evening of celebration for the whole club.

We were honoured to have the incredible ultra-running legend Nicky Spinks as our guest speaker and presenter. Nicky was a delight, almost overawing some of our fell running fans, and a great sport who took part in the flash mob that will live long in my memory! (Did that REALLY happen?)

On the night a whole host of Junior awards, all the Club Championship trophies, and nine Senior awards were presented to some very worthy winners. We also gave out our tongue-in-cheek "TACTIC" certificates which brought plenty of laughter!

Recipients of six of the Senior awards were chosen by club members with 142 people voting in total – a tremendous response – and some of the categories were very hotly contested.

So here is the complete list of all the winners of the 2016 TAC Awards...

Bryan Singleton Junior Athlete of the Year – Sophie Stanworth
Gerry McCabe Junior Spirit of the Club – Ruby Fort
Newcomer of the Year – Matthew Fleming & William Woodruff (joint winners)

Christina's Group – Abigail Stratton
Chris's Group – Ben Stratton
Karen's Group – Arwyn Banks
Gillian's Group – Elenna Banks
Aleshea's Group – Francis Woodruff

Under 13 Boys – Charlie Rowlands-Whiteoak
Under 11 Boys – William Rowlands-Whiteoak
Under 13 Girls – Sophie Stanworth
Under 11 Girls – Amelia Dugdale

Under 12 Boys – Charlie Rowlands-Whiteoak
Under 10 Boys – William Rowlands-Whiteoak
Under 8 Boys – Harry Jordan
Under 14 Girls – Sophie Stanworth
Under 12 Girls – Abigail Stratton
Under 10 Girls – Ruby Fort
Under 8 Girls – Tamzin Osborne

Female Athlete of the Year – Nicola Nuttall
Male Athlete of the Year – Nick Gaskell
Achievement of the Year – Chris Singleton & Paul Brown (joint winners)
Team Achievement of the Year – Couch to 5K Team
Most Improved Athlete – Stephen Hall
Spirit of the Club – Charis Rowlands
Newcomer of the Year – Craig Storozuk
Chairman's Award – Joe Edmondson
Gerry McCabe Endeavour Award – Paul Rosthorn

Overall Ladies' Champs – Elizabeth Allison (1st), Lucy Beresford (2nd), Charis Rowlands (3rd)
Overall Men's Champs – Frazer Durris (1st), Adrian Blackledge (2nd), Tom Cosway (3rd)

Ladies' Road Champs – Autumn Howard (1st), Tanya Bunkham (2nd), Elouise Sylkie Pemberton (3rd)
Men's Road Champs – Stephen Hall (1st), Frazer Durris (2nd), Tom Cosway (joint 3rd)

Ladies' Trail Champs – Lucy Beresford (1st), Charis Rowlands (2nd), Elizabeth Allison (3rd)
Men's Trail Champs – Frazer Durris (1st), Chris Stanley (2nd), Adrian Blackledge (3rd)

Ladies' Fell Champs – Molly Ralphson (1st), Elizabeth Allison (2nd), Lucy Beresford (3rd)
Men's Fell Champs – John Whiteside (1st), Adrian Blackledge (2nd), Frazer Durris (3rd)

Bog Dodger – Tracy Parkinson
Captain Ultra – Chell Brooks
Champagne Butler – Adrian Blackledge
Chief Sandbagger – Nicola Nuttall
Crazy Frog – Deborah Stevenson
Dancing Queen – Kerrie-Anne Bretherton
Jack of All Trades – Dave Potter
Know It All – Nick Gaskell
Manliest Beard – David Fort
Mr Tumble – Mark Duerden
Mountain Rescuer – Elizabeth Allison
Rear of the Year – Gavin O'Connor
Running Late – Paul Brown
The Iron Man – Simon Lister
The Organiser – Jamie McIlvenny
The Voice – Alison Rosthorn

Of course the night could not have happened without a lot of time and hard work spent organising the event. Special thanks to Social Sec, Tanya Bunkham, for all her detailed planning, booking the venue, arranging the entertainment and more. Thanks to Dave Potter for sorting out the trophies, not to mention being my glamorous assistant for the evening. Kerre-Anne Bretherton who persuaded Nicky to come over and also organised the epic flash mob. Jamie McIlvenny was official photographer, video editor and calendar salesman on the night, plus co-ordinated the Club Champs and their results throughout the year. And Gel and Chell did an cracking job with the raffle too!

Finally, a huge thank you also to everyone who has helped push the club forward through training, coaching, promotion, support, planning, management and especially their camaraderie during the past 12 months. Each and every person in the club plays their part however big or small – long may this continue!

So here's to much more success for everyone in Team TAC throughout 2017, I'm sure it will be another wonderful year to remember!

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